About Us

The Car Enthusiast, Who?

Hello! Welcome to The Car Enthusiast! And the car enthusiast welcome you!

The Car Enthusiast is a team, akin to the F1 pit stop crew where they work in great synergy to win. Our team is in the car trade since 1990s, the company was setup in 2008 dealing mainly in used car, car financing and car insurance services. Along the way, we added our small rental fleet and established our used car export business.

Here our team members come first! Sorry customers, but we believe when our people are happy the effect resonates and you reap the work of happiness! Nevertheless, we have our hit and misses but reassure we are striving to improve everyday as we know important of customer experience!

We envisage ourselves as a small holistic setup to automotive needs and solutions and not just plain selling. Small but nimble! With team members having more than 20 years’ experience in 1 of the local top car dealerships, we understand the paramount importance of customer service, and delivering the services than understanding it, genuinely.

Over the years, many car quoting sites are popping up giving free services to charging a minimum fee, yet some conveniently omit that they get a haircut from the highest offer in 1 way or another.

New car packages that seem uber attractive with unbelievable overtrades, financing scheme and marketing jargon that makes you feel like you are in a foreign land, you probably are. As the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

With the IOTs and changing automotive needs plus the boom and bust cycle of COE supply, buying cars in Singapore with some in-depth industry secrets definitely gives a little more mileage even though we believe in VALUE more than PRICE, but not overpriced. Sometimes simplicity can be complicated haha.

If you require a little chat on any of your motoring needs, we are most happy to connect with you! Talk to us, its free.

Sincerely, no pun intended…


Our People, Our Pride

All our guys are all in the industry for more than 10 years, longest nearing 30 years!

Trusted By Our Clients

Customer service is paramount to our us, and we see it from our repeating customers!

Attractive and valuable Price

We buy from multiple sources to achieve economy of scale and price competitively!